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Allélé Boubou COULIBALY has defended her PhD on Ebola virus GP

Allélé Boubou COULIBALY has brilliantly defended her PhD on the "Development and characterization of nanobodies against the Ebola virus glycoprotein" In the presence of: Dr Catherine SCHUSTER, INSERM and University of Strasbourg Pr…

The use of a nanobody to fight multiple myeloma

Can the use of extracellular vesicles and anti-CD38 nanobodies help in the fight against multiple myeloma? This is the question Alain Roussel's team and its collaborators are trying to answer.

Structure and Topology Prediction of Phage Adhesion Devices Using AlphaFold2: The Case of Two Oenococcus oeni Phages

Our manuscript entitled "Structure and Topology Prediction of Phage Adhesion Devices Using AlphaFold2: The Case of Two Oenococcus oeni Phages", is now online and can be accessed via the Microorganisms website.

PHAGES in Roscoff

The sixth symposium of the french PHAGE network takes place in Roscoff (Brittany). We are enjoying science and delicious "crêpes"!

Isabelle Imbert is a Knight of the French Légion d'Honneur

Isabelle Imbert received the insignia of Knight of the French Légion d'Honneur from Dr Pierre Petitbon, President of the Orne Society of Members of the Legion of Honour, accompanied by his counterpart for Marseille, Guy Dabadie. This award…

Best paper award from the Society for Modeling & Simulation

Our collaborative paper "Combining DEVS and semantic technologies for modeling the SARS-CoV-2 replication machinery" has received the Best Paper Award of the Annual Modeling and Simulation Conference 2021.

Welcome Pauline !

We are pleased to welcome Pauline Perné, who joined the team as a Master student (ENSCBP Engineer School, Bordeaux, FR) to work with Adeline Goulet. Welcome Pauline !

Crystal structure of two nanobodies raised against GldL from Flavobacterium johnsoniae

whose one (7BNP) highlighting a domain-swapping Trinh, T.T.N., Gaubert, A., Melani, P., Cambillau, C., Roussel, A. & Leone, P. (2021), Acta Cryst. F77.

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