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Our manuscript entitled « Structural insights into Lactococcal Siphophage p2 baseplate activation mechanism”, is now online and can be accessed via the Viruses website.

Our manuscript entitled « Revisiting the host adhesion determinants of Streptococcus thermophilus siphophages”, is now online and can be accessed via the Microbial biotechnology website.

We are pleased to welcome Marion and India, who joined the team as engineers to work on the Covid-19 project. Welcome girls !

La société des membres de la Légion d’Honneur de l’Orne soutient notre projet sur le COVID-19.
Un grand merci à eux !

Our review entitled “Conserved and Diverse Traits of Adhesion Devices from Siphoviridae Recognizing Proteinaceous or Saccharidic Receptors“, which belongs to the Viruses Special Issue In Memory of Michael Rossmann, is now online and can be accessed via the Viruses website.

If you want to learn more about Covid-19 and its genome, listen to Isabelle Imbert’s latest interview on the CNRS playlist #COVID19 La parole à la science (the word to science). (French interview)

Our review entitled « Diversity of molecular mechanisms used by anti-CRISPR proteins: the tip of an iceberg?”is now online and can be accessed via the Biochemical Society Transactions website

You can listen to Isabelle Imbert’s new interview about the Covid-19 outbreak on the France Culture website (French interview).

You can listen (or listen again) Isabelle Imbert’s interview about the Cryo-EM structure of the Covid-19 spike protein (French interview).

You can go to read Isabelle’s latest interview in the “vrai ou fake” Franceinfo section : Is a bat bite in the laboratory the cause of the epidemic? (French interview)

Alain Roussel, Béatrice Amigues, Anaïs Gaubert and Lycia Die Morini were in CNRS Campus of Gif-sur-Yvette to take part in the 5th Frisbi User Meeting.

Rachel Morin-Pelchat, from the Sylvain Moineau lab at Université Laval (Québec, Canada), is visiting us for 3 months.

Our manuscript entitled “Versatile and robust genome editing with Streptococcus thermophilus CRISPR1-Cas9” is now online and can be accessed via the Genome Research website.

Our manuscript entitled “Allosteric inhibition of CRISPR-Cas9 by the anti-CRISPR protein AcrIIA6” is now online and can be accessed via the Molecular Cell website.